From Rescue to Retail: Cat Gets a Second Chance

(Originally published in the Beaverton Resource Guide)

AquaTerra Pet Décor’s spokes-cat, Bertie, is an inspirational cat with a checkered past. Abandoned with a box of kittens at a rest stop in Oregon, Bertie was taken to Purrfect Pals in Arlington, WA by a long-time supporter of the no-kill feline shelter. There are no records between his first adoption and 5 years later when he was found living as a stray on a busy corner in Marysville, WA. While he was microchipped, the previous adopters had not added their information to the microchip service with their last known address. Fortunately, the address connected with the chip helped the local public shelter trace him back to Purrfect Pals. Dehydrated, malnourished, with rotting teeth and a severe reaction to fleas that left him with bald spots, he was in immediate need of dental care and rehabilitation.

After tooth extraction and several months of recovery, he went to a home with several other cats. He ended up back at the shelter and was tagged as “must be only cat” due to litter box issues. Bertie, it seems, has opinions about sharing his humans with others!

That’s when he was adopted by a couple who had recently lost their own beloved cat, also an alumnus of Purrfect Pals. It was love at first sight, and he quickly settled in and became boss of the little (otherwise cat-less) family!

His current role as a spokes-cat came about when he barged in on a photo shoot by his human who was trying to get a picture of a decorative aquarium cover designed by AquaTerra Pet Décor. Since, being the boss and all, he wouldn’t get out of the shot, he started getting his picture taken. When showing the pictures to AquaTerra Pet Décor’s owners, Trinh Vu and Don Nail, they were first amused. Then they were inspired. They realized that the patented design for 10 gallon aquarium/terrarium covers could be re-imagined into canopy pet beds for small dogs and cats.

In case you were wondering, Bertie is still very happy with his new family of 4 years and has no plans to leave (as long as they properly guard the door). Just in case, his microchip information has been updated to reflect his current address. He enjoys walks on a leash, many treats and toys, and having two litter boxes all to himself. He has also started his own Instagram account, @bertietherescuecat.

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