Ugly Fish Tank Blues

OK, full disclosure here. The last time I actually owned a fish, I was too young to remember its name. I do, however, remember the funeral we had for it. Clearly, I was not the best caretaker for a goldfish, unless they really just don't live that long.

I did, however, successfully raise a turtle until I gave up custody when I went away to college. What most people would call a fish tank, I called a turtle tank. It was still the same tank.

Things have changed since then. Nowadays, people are using their fish and turtle tanks to create works of art, either with or without pets. I've seen beautiful seascapes, desert scenes and jungle habitats, all in the same kinds of tank I had as a child.

And that's the problem: it's still the same tank. It's exactly the same tank. And it's ugly! It has the same plain glass, surrounded by the same old black plastic around the top and bottom, and looks like it should belong to a kid with a doomed goldfish instead of serving as the backdrop for a nature diorama.

This is where AquaTerra Tank Decor comes in. AquaTerra Tank Decor creates decorative covers that easily slip down over those boring old tanks. Now the outside of a tank can be the perfect frame for your creativity on the inside. Whether you're designing a sunken treasure ship scene for your own (much luckier) fish, figuring out the best indoor landscape for your new lizard, or setting up a terrarium for your own relaxation, you now have more choices to surround your ideas. Check out AquaTerra Tank Decor, and see if their products inspire you.

And please tell your fish I did my best.

Guest Blogger: Rebecca Wolf-Nail



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