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Tank Cover - Castle - Mahogany/Sapele Wood

What treasures would you keep in your own personal Castle?  The castle model represents a large, magnificent stronghold to protect your treasures, whether you have an underwater city or a royalty garden theme park. 

Product Dimensions:  17"(H) x 22(L) x 12"(W)
Weight:  Approximately 5.0 lbs
Materials:  Finished Wood

Wooden décor/cover and finishes to be used only for low moisture terrariums or display cases.

Fits: Standard 10 gallon tank with approximate dimensions of 12.8"(H) x 20.1"(L) x 10.1"(W)

*Decorative items not included: tank, fish, plants, and other accessories, however these items could be purchased separately at pet store for aquariums or garden/nursery shops for terrariums.