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Tank Cover - Chest - Wood

What treasures would you keep in your own personal Treasure Chest?  

The decorative cover is designed to easily slide over the outside of a standard 10-gallon tank.

The cover is made from real wood with a sapele finish (similar to a mahogany look) or a cherry finish.

Product Dimensions:  16-3/8"(H) x 21-3/4"(L) x 12"(W)
Weight:  Approximately 5.2 lbs
Materials:  Finished Wood.

Due to the nature of real wood, actual color and pattern will vary.
Exposure to moisture may cause warping over time.

Fits: Standard 10 gallon tank with approximate dimensions of 12.8"(H) x 20.1"(L) x 10.1"(W)

*Decorative items not included: tank, fish, plants, and other accessories, however these items could be purchased separately at pet store for aquariums or garden/nursery shops for terrariums.

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