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Clear Top Lid for Chest or Contemporary Model

Top lid suggests to use for terrariums or display Chest or Contemporary models.  It comes in clear (see through) so you can see your garden from the top and light will go through to growth your plants.  Also you can see your sea scape or beautiful treasure jewel chest display.  It's easy to install with the ability to mix and match the top panels.  Images showed Chest models placed over terrarium gardens and Contemporary model placed over a jewel display case.

Product Dimensions:  21.5" (L)x 12" (W)

Weight:  Approximately 2.2 lbs

Material: Clear Plexiglass/Acrylic (man-made) material is moisture proof and suitable for aquarium and/or terrariums). 

Fits: Standard 10-gallon tank décor/cover Chest or/and Contemporary Models

*Decorative items not included: tank, fish, plants, and other accessories, however these items could be purchased separately at pet store for aquariums or garden/nursery shops for terrariums.