Our Mission

NV Innovative Products, LLC is a proud family-owned US-based business. Aquarium & Terrarium Tank Décor/Cover is an innovative studio, brought together in friendship and partnership, to create a unique collection of tank covers for aquariums and terrariums.

Our company offers a wide range of unique creations and diverse models of covers for 10-gallon tanks. Mr. Don Nail is the Inventor/President and Ms. Trinh Vu is the Co-founder/Co-owner. Don designed a treasure chest cover for his sons’ aquarium many years ago. Since then Don and Trinh (Trina) have collaborated to expand the idea and the choice of covers. If you keep an aquarium for a hobby or create miniature eco-systems in a terrarium, we can help you create unique beauty and promote peace in your home.

Our Mission:

  • To transform one tank, one home and one individual at a time.
  • To make home the best place of all.
  • To create a happy home for every individual.
  • To make products affordable and available for all.