A cover from AquaTerra Tank Décor is easy to assemble in minutes. Our patented-pending design requires no tools!
The product ships flat with everything you'll need to complete your tank cover.
Use the steps below or watch the short"how to" video we created using an acrylic version of ourchestmodel.
  1. Separate out the pieces. There are five panels, including the top, plus the fasteners.
  2. Peel off the protective coating from each piece panel.
  3. Lay the front panel flat. The front panel is the longest side and contains only one opening. The back panel contains a second opening to accommodate an air filtration system.
  4. Insert the sides into the grooves. Make sure the notches face forward(away from you). Those notches indicate the top of the cover and are used to secure the lid.
  5. Insert the metal fasteners into the corners.
  6. Snap the plastic fasteners in the metal ones to secure the corners.
  7. Insert the back panel into the grooves.
  8. Connect the remaining fasteners to secure the back.
  9. Set the tank cover upright and place the lid on top.
  10. Slide the completed cover over your tank and enjoy your new AquaTerra Tank Décor cover.
Browse our website and find the tank cover style that makes your current aquarium or terrarium even better.

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