Aquarist Jordan Fry in scuba gear

Jordan Fry, lead aquarist atAquarium Services of Oregon, shares some tips on how to find the right company to service your aquarium.

“When you’re looking for professional aquarium maintenance there are many things to consider: Does the company have experienced and knowledgeable staff? Are they reliable? Will they show up on time and provide professional results? Do they understand the type of aquarium I have in my home or office? Can they troubleshoot problems and prevent them from happening again

"The needs of each client are as varied as the aquariums in their homes and business. While one client may not have the time to maintain the stunning display in their home or business and require more frequent visits, another may only need professional aquarium maintenance once a month to perform technically challenging tasks.”

Reach out toAquarium Services of Oregon if you would like to talk to a professional aquarist in the Portland-metro area about how they can customize the services they provide for inside your aquarium.

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